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Well, I’m convinced. From this point forward, this tumblr will be 100% dedicated to overly detailed subjective analysis of Pokémon characters.

Anonymous asked: Thanks for editing the Geekchicshipping page on Bulbapedia. I don't actually support it, but its nice to see it edited for people who like it. Generally Serena's crush on Ash is actually canon as the writers are supporting it with Valentine's day posters,but I just can't get into it knowing Serena will just leave the show at the end of the gen like all the girls before her. What's your opinion on Serena's character? She seems largely based on May and Dawn's personalities rolled into one.

Let me put my answer behind a “Read More”, since I know how wordy I can get and I don’t want to go cluttering dashboards.

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So, I haven’t announced this here yet:  I have a new job! I am now a Program Developer for the same warehouse that I’ve been working at for over a year prior.  It’s wonderful, and sets me back on my intended career path, finally.

During the interview, the manager was concerned that I had been out of the field for over a year and a half.  Would I still know what I was doing?  Did I retain all my knowledge and interest in coding and databases?

I have now been officially in this position for two weeks.  Not a day has gone by that I’ve finished right on time, being unable to tear myself away from scripting and prowling the databases and editing and debugging and more editing.  And then I get home, and I jump on Bulbapedia to see what I can add and improve, since wiki coding is pretty much just easy mode programming.

Yup, still the same computer nerd as ever.  Pretty sure my manager has nothing to worry about.

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Like a lot of teenage boys, Brock relentlessly chases women but doesn’t have the slightest idea what to do when something actually happens.

I’m pretty sure that the first time I ever danced with a guy, I was moving exactly like Brock in those fifth and sixth pictures.

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I don’t think anything has brought me to tears so consistently as zen pencils.

I’m sort of embarrassed I ever posted this.  Enough that it took a few days for me to collect my thoughts and write them down.

The recent ‘saga’ of comics is… bad.  Really, really bad.  Unbelievably self-praising, as childish and trite as the worst of political cartoons… and to top it all off, the creator goes and says, “You know who would agree with me?  Miyazaki.  I don’t have any sort of quote to prove it, even though that’s the whole point of my comic, but it’s true.  Rather than do a proper tribute to his work and ideals, I’m going to make him the star of my comic about how I’m so right — how you disliking anything is a literal monster destroying the world, and the only thing that can save it is the thing that I am doing.”

I remember I started reading the comic because my sister linked it to me, in hopes that it would help me move out of a low point.  And it worked.  It was like comfort food in art form, like a motivational poster except with meaningful quotes instead of snappy slogans posted on photos of fuzzy critters.  It hit the heartstrings just enough that it meant something to me, and it didn’t need to be more than that.

But apparently the artist has gotten the idea in his head that his work is incredibly profound, and now he presents to us his magnum opus, a tribute to himself and his most popular comic.  And it’s awful in such a way that it underscores the problem that led to all this, that the artist does not understand what others like and dislike about his work.  Rather than try to understand it, he gets defensive about all the haters and trolls that are trying to destroy his immaculate perspective on the world.

I think it’s most telling that there’s not an editor squad on his fantasy A.R.T. team.

Thanks to Twitch Plays Pokémon, I am now staunchly in the camp of “Venomoth needs a Fairy-type evolution in honor of ATV the Dragonslayer”.

One that looks like an ATV is probably right out, but there’s other ways to make something all-terrain.  Maybe an ability that will grant you immunities based on the last technique used — a Flying move would grant temporary Ground immunity, a Ghost move would grant temporary Normal immunity, a Dark move would grant temporary Psychic immunity.  Could be broken, would definitely be fun!

Play up the ninja themes due to the connection to Koga’s gym, and it would be the most memorable evolution they could give an otherwise unmemorable Pokémon.

Tragically, this will surely join Snap 2 and other such ideas in things I want to happen but never will.

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You don’t make the world a less shitty place by dwelling on the things that make it shitty and mocking people who try to create and spread positivity for being less “enlightened” than yourself.

Sometimes checking my tumblr dashboard is like cracking open a fortune cookie, except the messages are actually meaningful rather than being some kind of pseudo-koan as weak and dissatisfying as the cookie shell that holds it.

Just when I think I can’t be any more in love, surprise jelly donuts.

TRUE LOVE:  When your boyfriend asks you “besides Brock, who’s your Pokémon husbando” and you answer honestly and he doesn’t make fun of you for your answer.

(for the record, my answer was Cilan and after watching that Pokéstar Studios episode he was like “okay yeah I can see the appeal”)

(and he had a list of Pokémon girls he likes and I could not fault him for any of them? the series has some pretty hot ladies)

(also we’re watching XY together and we both love Clemont and Bonnie why are they so cute??)

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But in the anime, Ash is the one true twerp, and all other twerps exist in relation to him.

http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Twerp (via thanksbulbapedia)

I knew if I dug through this tumblr I’d find one of my best contributions.

I was not disappointed.